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Web Streaming

CSN provide a cost-effective hosting and web streaming service, giving you the opportunity to present video on demand from your web site.

Web streaming is the distribution of video and audio from a web site. The alternative to web streaming is to provide a downloadable file; the disadvantage of this is that the person downloading the content cannot view it until the complete file has been downloaded.

Web streaming happens in "real time", so content can be played immediately, making it convenient and cost-effective in use. It is always available, on demand, to a global audience. The content can be changed very easily, and statistics of the number of viewers is provided as part of our service.

If you already have video material that you would like to web stream, then we can encode it for you and host it on our servers. We provide you with a URL for each video clip which can be incorporated into your web site.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements...